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REPORT – June 25, 2019

To:         Ratepayers
From:    Reeve
RE:        Council Activities

There has been significant progress during the last two years towards improving the services and conditions in our RM.  A brief summary of the most notable activities in that regard follows for your information.

A – Administration

a) We have been successful in our efforts to attract and engage a certified administrator. Judy Douglas has been with us for a year and a half and has done an admirable job in restoring order to our office operations and providing the guidance to our Council in order that it can render informed decisions.  We look forward to working with her toward identifying future objectives with an immediate and long-range financial plan regarding operations and capital program initiatives.

This process will allow for the anticipation of needs for restoration and maintenance of our road network; equipment and materials; as well as the training of our personnel to remain current with legislative obligations and management practices in implementing the Council policy decisions.Thank you Judy.

b) We have also been successful in obtaining the cooperation of our union as well as approval of the Saskatchewan Labour Board to secure an out of scope position as Public Works Superintendent. This new structure provides clarity for supervision of our employees respecting their duties.

We have been extremely fortunate engaging Vince Mitchell by contract to serve in this capacity to advise council and carry out our policies and directives.  We have seen the benefits of this new process during the past year reflected in the condition of our roadways.  We are grateful to Vince and look forward to having him continue to advise council regarding our road maintenance and equipment needs as well as implementing council’s directives on those matters.Thank you Vince.

c) We have taken new initiatives towards the implementation and enforcement of our bylaws, which control land use and development criteria within the RM.

Joan Sanftleben serves as our Bylaw Enforcement Office and is to be commended on the excellent service that she has provided for us in addressing bylaw issues.  She is also providing a lead role in the review and drafting of a revised Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw. Those documents will be presented to the ratepayers for review and comment in a Public Hearing on July 13, 2019 at the Legion Hall in the Village of Leask at 10:00 a.m.   We look forward to you as ratepayers participating in this process toward establishing the parameters for land use and developments within our RM going forward.Thank you Joan.

We also have a new part-time person, Michelle Stieb, who has recently joined our team to provide clerical office functions.  We look forward to working with Michelle and thank her for her interest in wanting to be with us.

d) Our primary responsibility as an RM Council is to provide a road network that is functional and safe for our ratepayers. The front-line system responsible to establish and retain those objectives rests with our unionized personnel.  Our employees currently engaged in those activities have provided excellent cooperation and reliable service toward realizing those objectives.

Thank you to Max Jupe, Jon Nelson, Robert Gallant, Martin Mezzo, Dylan Donohue and Joshua Mock for their services and the teamwork that they create with Vince in serving this critical part of our operations.  We have proof in our RM that union and management can work effectively together with respect for the rights that each retains.

B- Other Achievements

a) Fire Department

We were disappointed that the Village of Leask decided to withdraw from our partnership in providing fire suppression and rescue services to our respective ratepayers.  In response to that decision, our Council committed to organizing and supporting that system that will ensure reliable service to the RM ratepayers.

Devon Donohue has agreed to lead this initiative as our Fire Chief with Josiah Beam as our Deputy Fire Chief.  Together, they have been doing an excellent job with the assistance and support of council’s Fire Committee.

Primary initiatives include:

      • identifying objectives for recruitment of volunteers.
      • organizing and conducting appropriate training exercises.
      • ensuring that reliable equipment is available for the safety of our volunteers.
      • implementing a system that provides an effective service to response calls.

There are too many volunteers in our fire service to name each of them in this report.   However, we are grateful that these young men and ladies have agreed to volunteer their commitment to provide this essential service.

Council will continue to support that group toward improving the fire service to our RM and the adjacent communities through reciprocal Mutual Aid Agreements.

Thank you sincerely to each of you.

b) Rink Committee

Our Council was pleased to support the initiatives of a group of volunteers committed to restoring and maintaining the rink facility programs in Leask.  We consider that the rink provides an extremely desirable service in responding to the needs of our families choosing to remain in the Village of Leask and our RM.

Thank you to those volunteers.

c) Budgets

Your council has had extensive deliberations about capital and operational needs in our RM attempting to prioritize those objectives and managing the financial needs to realize them.  That is always a challenge and requires a team effort with Council, our administration and personnel working collectively to develop a responsible and effective program.

It also requires the understanding of our ratepayers as well as their advisement on those matters.  These efforts need to be sensitive to the fact that we have permanent as well as seasonal residents, each with specific issues but at the same time collectively forming our RM.  We welcome the thoughts and concerns from everyone in our municipality so that Council may consider its deliberations as informed as possible.

As Reeve, I want to acknowledge the efforts and dedication of each Council member in working as a team and the management of aspirations, services and finances so vital to the operation of our RM.

    • Division 1 –  Grant Theil
    • Division 2 –  Real Diehl
    • Division 3 –  Gord Stieb
    • Division 4 –  Ed Musich
    • Division 5 –  Clarke Gossen
    • Division 6 –  Robert Girod

These individuals provide direct contact for our ratepayers in the respective divisions to identify and respond to any issue of concern.  Thank you to each of them for offering their service as an elected official.  It is at times demanding, but also rewarding to experience the improvements to our municipality for which they have participated to benefit our ratepayers.  Please contact your Division Counsellor or myself to ensure that your concern is drawn to the attention of Council.

In conclusion, I on behalf of our Council and administration thank each of the ratepayers for your understanding that there is always room for improvement in the management of our R.M.   There are challenges inherent with that process which do not always allow for the result expected for every issue.  However, we assure you that we are making best efforts toward realizing that objective.    We also welcome and encourage your thoughts and constructive criticism that will contribute toward improvement.

Please call me if there is any specific issue or concern that you feel should receive my attention.

Len Cantin,

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