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Report – December 17th, 2019

We are approaching the Christmas season and our fiscal year end.  This brief report is to provide an update of the more significant initiatives that your council addressed during 2019 and our plans for the immediate future.  I welcome any inquiries that you may have on any of the topics herein or any concern that you may have regarding our R.M. services.


Our projection of operations to December 31, 2019 indicates that there will be a nominal surplus for this fiscal year.  I want to acknowledge our administrative staff as well as the Council for ensuring that our expenditures through the year were managed to comply with the budget that was approved.

During the next few weeks, we will begin planning the operational and capital program needs intended for the 2020 fiscal year.  A draft budget outlining those objectives once developed will be posted on our website for your review as ratepayers.  We encourage you to contact your Division councillor or myself regarding any commentary that you may want us to consider in those plans.


  1. Gravel Supply

We continuously source additional gravel resources.  Currently, we have agreements to source this product from five separate locations and are negotiating with two other landowners in that regard.  If you have land or are aware of anyone within the R.M. with potential for gravel mining, we encourage you to contact the RM office to learn of the process for pursuing that potential.

  1. Crushing

We are in the process of developing the tender documents for this service during the 2020 season.  Our objective is to specify a higher quality of crushed product relative to the capacity of each pit.  We are attempting to realize an appropriate grade of crushed aggregate being mindful that this resource is limited and therefore must be utilized in the most efficient and effective manner.

Sourcing, crushing and application of gravel on our roadways present significant challenges in providing reasonable access and traffic safety with fiscal responsibility.  That coupled with the road maintenance procedures during summer and winter conditions represent some of the most significant services expected by our ratepayers and your council is very cognizant of those expectations.

I want to commend our Superintendent of Public Works and his staff for their efforts in this regard on a daily basis.  I again invite you to inform your elected representative of any concerns or suggestions that can be considered to improve on this service.

Official Community Plan

Land use planning is a fundamental responsibility for municipal councils.  We are required by law to develop through bylaws the regulations that will apply to our R.M. for the respective land uses in broad and specific applications.

The general objectives are outlined in an Official Community Plan and the specific use regulations are specified in a Zoning Bylaw. The review to ultimately establish these bylaws must be extensive and involve the ratepayers through public meetings.

This process in our R.M. has been in progress during the last few years and in earnest this last year.  A number of public meetings have been scheduled and there has been a variety of responses both in oral and written communications regarding the intentions outlined in those DRAFT bylaws.  Those documents are available on our website for your review.  Again, your concerns and comments are welcomed to assist with our consideration of these very important matters.

Fire Service

We commend our Fire Chief and his volunteer firefighters as well as our mutual aid partners for providing this essential service in our community.  They make themselves available for training and responses to incidents requiring dedication and consideration for others as the principal motives.  We owe them our gratitude and support in protecting lives and property in our R.M. and district.

Unfortunately, one of those response calls this year had to address a loss of life.  Our condolence to the family, having to deal with that tragedy.

Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

We have successfully negotiated a Service Agreement with the Band for maintenance of the Public roadways through the reserve.  This agreement provides for the process and joint funding arrangement for the annual maintenance of this main roadway going forward.  It is an innovative agreement that the provincial government intends to promote as a template for other similar scenarios regarding public roadways through Reserve lands elsewhere in our province.

We thank the MLCN Chief and Council for this cooperation and trust that it will lead to other discussions for partnerships in serving our respective communities.


Our website has been redesigned to more conveniently and effectively inform you of the R.M. activities and initiatives.  Our objective is to provide more friendly access to this extremely important method of communication.

Your comments about potential improvements are welcomed.

Seasons Greetings

I, together with our Council members and the R.M. staff, wish each of you the very best, safe and enjoyable Christmas season.  Let us all acknowledge our blessings and commit to caring more for each other on a daily basis.

Len Cantin



REPORT – June 25, 2019